S T A N   M I R




idle. fickle. no crowd
commits to any truth
beyond the one manifest

before them. a bridge.
a river skyline reflects
in. to make place one

must place it in mem-
ory so that each
day it is there. present.

detritus alleviates respons-
ibility. takes place away
like paint poorly

laid upon canvas. order
sets its own table.
considers its dishes.

makes memory enlist
wholehock in the house-
hold's hives. williams

saw the mighty passaic
fall from memory.
he built a book of

history. tho partial
poetry made it
whole he took mud

& brinksmanship
into his heart the
way some take the

lord's host. williams
walked as we walk.
he was fickle. convic-

tion is conviction. one
acts not as one
should but as one does.






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